July 3, 2014

"American Vagabond" - William Lee Golden (Oak Ridge Boys)  

This is a thing we recorded back in 1986 at Sounds Unreel in Memphis. I had done some work for producer, Eli Ball, earlier on some demo stuff for Joanna Jacobs. I'd never met Eli before. Story goes, Eli was set to hire the guy who played harmonica for Little Feat, but Jack Holder talked him into hiring me instead.

When Eli heard my stuff, he invited me to come back and work on this album. I didn't know who William Lee Golden was until Eli explained. Of course, I knew who the Oak Ridge Boys were, and jumped at the chance to work with them and with Golden.

So, we did it. Booker T (of the MG's) and Eli produced it; Jack Holder recorded it.

It features Golden on lead vocals, of course; Vince Gill, Jimmy Davis, and Jack Holder on background vocals; the late Jim Dickinson on piano, Vince Gill and Jack Holder on guitars, Chad Cromwell on drums, and David Cochrane on bass. The song composer is Bob Corbin.